Beeswax Tealights

Beeswax Tealights

Bio Beeswax Tealights

The burning Beeswax tealights is the easiest way to bring nature and the element of fire to our home. Every evening should be a special evening whether alone or with company, worth having a few tealights burning. Our home is our sanctuary and the ambience we create with natural things around us affects us. Of course, a great-looking home or burning candles/tealights is NOT a replacement for personal development but aligning our inner and outer sanctuaries can assist to some pretty powerful transformation.

Bee wax is another gift of nature from its tiny marvel, the honeybee. Pure beeswax candles/tealights with cotton wicks (not dipped in paraffin) are the most natural choice. Candles made from beeswax not only burn clean but normally, undergo no chemical processing.

Unrefined bee wax has an amazing sweet aroma that comes from the flower pollen and honey. The intensity depends on several factors like time and place stored in the hive, the level of refinement etc. If a piece of bee wax does not have the expected aroma, this does not mean that it is not 100% bee wax but most likely that it has undergone a lot of refinement to be cleaned.

Furthermore, natural beeswax comes in a wide variety of different colors. Part of this variation depends on the length of time wax spends inside the hive or even from what area of the hive the wax was harvested. However, if wax has a greyish-brown tint to it, more likely it has been minimally filtered and still contains some impurities. Brighter yellow waxes on the other hand have probably been filtered two or three times. These are usually slightly more expensive than the brownish less filtered varieties. There is also, the possibility to find white beeswax although it could never be bright white like paraffin. There are several natural factors that could give a sub-white wax but I don’t believe that anyone would do such a filtering to remove all of the pollen. Most likely the wax has been bleached to remove the yellow color of the pollen.

The most important benefit of beeswax candles/tealights is that they are soot-free. This is a very important aspect not only for the environment but also, for people especially with severe respiratory issues.

Furthermore, it is said that burning Βeeswax Tealights, cleanse and purify the air. Beeswax Tealights are the only ones that release negative ions. These negative ions attach to positive ions (like dust, pollen, mold, odor, etc) floating in the air and in this process cleans the air. This helps eliminate dust, odors, and mold in the atmosphere, easing allergy and asthma symptoms and improving breathing for anyone nearby.

Negative ions also produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of serotonin – the mood chemical. This can help alleviate depression, reduce stress and increase energy.

People who suffer from respiratory issues or asthma or have allergies, burn beeswax candles in their bedroom for 30-60 minutes before going to bed.  They claim that this clears the air and promotes a restful nights’ sleep.

Beeswax tealights/candles burn longer and brighter.  Although they cost more than paraffin and other plant wax candles, they are actually more cost-effective.

When buying tealights in general, it is very important to take into account several aspects to avoid disappointment. Different people have different priorities and needs. The simplest thing to check is the size of the tealight to fit your tealight holders. Another thing to check is the casing. Some of them come in a metal casing and others in transparent ones. Be sure that you choose the right ones for you.

Burn beeswax tealights and candles to help promote a sense of calm and relaxation after a stressful day and let yourself take in everything their warm light has to give…

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