Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli Essential Oil

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Neroli essential oil is a product of the flowers of bitter orange tree known scientifically as Citrus Aurantium. Three essential oils are derived from this tree. Petitgrain is extracted from its leaves, bitter orange oil from its fruit and finally neroli oil is steam distilled from its small white blossoms.

It takes about 1000 pounds of its hand-picked flowers to make just a pound of essential oil which partly explains its price. However, the exotic and intoxicating fragrance is well worth the money.

In the past, Neroli oil was used to fight the plague, treat fevers and banish nerves. In ancient Egypt, it was known and used by the priestesses and priests for its transformational effects on the mind, body and spirit and by ladies in the upper echelons of society for emotional and spiritual well-being.

These days, it is commonly used in the perfume industry because of its fragrance as well as its many uses in aromatherapy.

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Neroli Essential Oil

Stay Present

Genus Species: Citrus aurantium amara. Commonly referred to as Orange Blossom Oil.

Name origin: Although the use of Neroli and orange blossoms go back to Ancient Egypt, the word Neroli was taken from Anne-Marie de la Tremoille who was the Countess of Nerola, Italy. She used the oil to perfume her bath.

Part of the Plant Used: Extraction from Bitter Orange Blossom Flower

Benefits of  Neroli essential oil and Use

According to scientific analysis, the major components of Neroli essential oil include: Linalool, Linalyl acetate, Nerolidol, E-farnesol, Limonene etc.

Basic therapeutic properties

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic, relaxing and clearing by releasing fear.

Aromatic Affect on the Mind

Its fruity and sweet aroma is very calming, relaxing and gently balancing.

Psychological influence

Neroli essential oil with its calming and balancing emotional effects, enhances our ability to stay in the present and get out of the loop reminiscing the past or worrying about the future. In situations of panic and fear, our body and mind are separated. So it gently supports us to come back and use our forgotten power to live and manifest things in the present by opening the heart and releasing emotions such as these of powerless and self imposed restrictions.

Spiritual Influence

As it support the melting of energetic blockages, it allows the reconnection with our spirit in the present.

Chakra Affected

Sacral, heart and crown chakras

Volatility Index


How to Use it

Neroli essential oil is great when used alone but bearing in mind how expensive it is, it could be blended with another essential oil. It could be used in any situation where fear is hiden behind either  physical or psychological conditions.

Blends well with

Most essential oils and especially Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Geranium. For example, compined with Ylang Ylang (to restore self confidence), Spruce (to assist us in grounding, come back from our mind trips), Neroli essential oil can orchestrate our inner procedure to live in the present.

Like other essential oils, depending on the condition you are trying to treat, you could use a number of ways such as:

  • Apply a couple of drops on location Or chakras/vitaflex points as rescue remmedy in situation of emergency.
  • Combine it with a carrier oil for masage, for an excellent remedy for muscle and joint pain as well as headache relief.
  • Add a few drops to a carrier oil and either direcly or with a damp cotton to treat skin conditions like acne or eczema or to get rid of scars and stretch marks.
  • Add a few drops in a hot or cold compress and apply it to your head to get rid of migraines and headaches.
  • Directly inhale Or Diffuse to deal with stress and anxiety or high blood pressure.
  • Dietary Supplement.

Neroli Essential Oil

Specific benefits and uses

1. Pain Relief and Arthritis

Neroli essential oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that can be used for the management of pain. A study published in the Journal of Natural Medicines suggest that neroli possesses biologically active constituents that have the ability to reduce acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. Bettermore it was also found that neroli essential oil has the ability to reduce central and peripheral sensitivity to pain. It is an effective natural choice to ease muscular pain, for arthritis as well as for those who simply need to relieve the pain from a long day on the feet or a heavy exercise session.

To treat your aching muscles and joints, you can dilute neroli essential oil in a carrier oil and massage it into the affected areas of your body or add several drops to your bathwater.

2. Headaches

Neroli essential oil can be a very effective for headaches and migraines according to testimonials. We could say that it will work better especially to those headaches and migraines caused by stress. For a headache, massage your temples for a few minutes with a drop of Neroli essential oil. As an alternative you could add a couple of drops of Neroli essential oil to a cold or hot compress and apply it to your head.

3. Stress and Anxiety

Neroli essential oil  is very effective for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. You could clear your head and reduce stress anytime, inhale it directly or diffuse a few drops of it. Moreover you can use 3 or 4 drops in your bath.

For example, childbirth is a stressful situation so it can be used to help with fear and anxiety during labor. Diffuse it in the air, or include it in a massage oil for the lower back.

4. Blood Pressure

Research has demonstrated Neroli essential oil can reduce high blood pressure caused by stress.

In 2012 a study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The research was set out to explore the effects on blood pressure of inhaling a blend of essential oils including neroli, ylang-ylang, marjoram and lavender. 83 patients with high blood pressure were involved in the experiment with the subjects divided into three groups.

The first group inhaled the essential oil blend at regular intervals during the 24 hour experiment while a placebo group inhaled artificial fragrances and a control group received no treatment at all.

The results were extremely positive for those who inhaled the essential oil blend experiencing a significant reduction in both systolic and also diastolic blood pressure levels compared to the other two groups. Moreover, the group treated with essential oil also experienced significant reductions in salivary cortisol levels, a stress hormone. The researchers concluded that treatment with this blend of essential oils could have a very significant impact on both blood pressure and stress levels.

You can put a few drops of Neroli or a blend of Neroli, Ylang-Ylang, Marjoram and Lavender Essential Oil, as the researchers at the above experimet did, in a diffuser or just take a few sniffs right out of the bottle at regular intervals during the day.

5. Premenstrual Syndrome relief

Premenstrual syndrome causes a wide variety of emotional and physical symptoms due to hormone, blood and other imbalances mostly in etheric level. This period of time is very demanding for women in both physical and psychological level. Imbalances that are not easily seen during other periods of time can emerge during this period of change in our body. Of course it could be seen as a chance to see things more easily if we are in a self research road. Neroli can assist with its gentle properties as described above.

It could assist in calming PMS symptoms in many ways. It could even be used as a natural remedy for cramps with a few drops into your bathwater.

6. Menopause

If we think of all its mentioned properties, it is easy to conclude that it could also be used to relieve menopausal symptoms.

A Korean university study which was published in 2014 tested the effects on menopausal symptoms, estrogen and stress levels of Neroli essential oil on 63 post-menopausal women. The subjects were divided into three groups and either inhaled neroli oil in different concentrations or almond oil (control group) for five minutes two times a day over a period of five days.

The two groups that were treated with Neroli experienced significantly reduced blood pressure levels, pulse rate improvements, cortisol (stress) levels and also improved estrogen levels compared with the control group. Women treated with neroli oil also experienced an improved sex drive.

7. Antimicrobial and Anti-Fungal Properties

Research shows that the chemical composition of Neroli essential oil has antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant powers. Neroli exhibited antimicrobial activity against six kinds of bacteria, two types of yeast and three different fungi. In the study published in 2012 in the Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, Neroli oil also exhibited a marked antibacterial activity, especially against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and a very strong antifungal activity compared with the standard antibiotic (Nystatin).

For a small scratch or wound, you can apply Neroli to the affected area to improve the speed of healing and prevent bacteria.

8. For skin regeration

Neroli essential oil might be expensive but it is a popular addition to the skin treatment routines of many people. It is considered to be an excellent option for all skin types as it helps maintain oil balance but especially helps dry, mature and sensitive ones.

It is used to regenerate skin cells and improve the skin’s elasticity. Its antioxidant properties also make it useful in reversing cellular damage that is obvious on the skin and may even help reverse some of the signs that come with age like blemishes, age spots and wrinkles.

Due to its ability to revive skin at the cellular level, Neroli essential oil can be beneficial for wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Mix a drop or two of neroli essential oil with an application of an unscented cream or oil (like jojoba or argan), and apply as normal. If you persist with using it then your scars and stretch marks may dissipate over time.

Any skin condition caused by or related to stress could also respond well to the use of Neroli essential oil.

Because of its excellent antibacterial ability, it may help treat conditions like acne and eczema naturally.  Wet a cotton ball with water (to provide some dilution to the essential oil), and then add a few drops of neroli essential oil. Dab the cotton ball on the problem area gently once a day.

9. Natural antispasmodic relief

Stress and fear can cause symptoms of diarrhea, nervous dyspepsia and other colon prombems. Neroli can act as a natural antispasmodic remendy. Use 2–3 drops in a diffuser or 4–5 drops in a blended massage oil and rub it over the lower abdomen to ease symptoms.

10. For Seizure management

Seizures involve changes in the brain’s electrical activity. Obviously they are serious medical conditions that require proper medical care and advice but it is interesting that Neroli essential oil has demonstrated anticonvulsant abilities which may give it some future potential in the treatment of seizures.

A study published in 2014 found that Neroli essential oil had biologically active constituents with excellent anticonvulsant activity. The study was conducted on mice but researchers believe that the potential displayed so far means that Neroli essential oil could be used in future seizure management and treatment.

11. Deodorant

Neroli oil has a delightful aroma that can help us smell fresh throughout the day. It may seem like quite a waste of a very good quality oil but just a few drops applied under the arms may help prevent body odor. Its antimicrobial qualities help kill the bacteria which causes many people to suffer from body odor. It could be used in homemade body creams, deodorants, oils and perfumes and support us with its multiple effects.

Moreover it could be used as an air purifier or an addition to a good night’s sleep. Diffuse it, put it in a blend for homemade spray for your linens and spray them before going to bed.

Safety Precautions

Neroli essential oil is generally regarded as safe by the FDA. Of course the quality must be taken into account. So it is important to remember to only use therapeutic grade essential oils. Although it may be used as a dietary supplement, it is advised not to use it in this manner for children under 6 years of age. Also, avoid the use in early pregnancy, especially if there is a history of miscarriages.

As with all essential oils, it will be good to make before first use the sensitivity test. Just put a drop on the inside of your hand and wait for a few minutes for skin reactions.

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